TEDxGR 2013 Talks Now Available Online

We hope you’re busy enjoying the glorious Michigan summer and finding time to put a few new ideas into practice.

We’re thrilled to announce that all of our TEDxGR speaker presentations are now available online. Whether you’re planning to watch a talk you’d missed or re-watch one of your favorites, we hope you’re inspired by seeing these smart, thoughtful, creative people sharing their wisdom with Grand Rapids. Please select from the links below to watch – and forward to your friends, colleagues and fellow students to do the same. We’re eager to watch these ideas worth sharing ripple throughout our community and beyond, so thanks for helping spread the message.

Be inspired. Take action. Make a difference.

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2013 TEDxGrandRapids Speaker Videos

Dr. Simone Ahuja, Frugal Innovator. She is the founder of Minneapolis-based boutique marketing agency Blood Orange and the author of the recent book Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth.

Lucy Bernholz, PhD, Game Changer. She advises and writes extensively on the intersection of philanthropy, technology, information, and policy and seeks to understand how we create, fund, and distribute shared social goods in the digital age.

Jose Bright, Global Educator. Bright is a consultant, teacher, author, and attorney living in South Africa, and founder of the Teboho Trust, a highly successful educational support platform focused on small business development and incubation for the caregivers of these children in Soweto.

Nicole Caruth, Artist Activist. A leading voice on the subject of food in contemporary art, she is the founder of With Food in Mind, which creates educational initiatives at the crossroads of food, visual culture, and social change.

Eric Daigh, Technology Artist. He is portraitist and conceptual artist whose work began as large-scale mosaic and has since expanded into new forms and site-specific installations.

Evan Grae Davis, Culture Changer. His first feature-length documentary, It’s a Girl, is currently screening worldwide, and focuses on why millions of women are missing in the world today simply because they are girls.

 Luis de la Fuente, PhD, Classroom Futurist. He is the Director of the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, where he works to transform today’s classrooms into personalized learning environments by combining the best of teaching with the best of technology.

Greg Galle, Ingenuity Jumper. His award-winning work explores how design improves lives through story, experience, visualization, user interface, and innovation.

Fred Keller, Thought Leader. A materials science engineer by training, Keller believes in the unique power of business to achieve financial success as well as positive social and environmental outcomes.

Gurgit Lalli, Social Entrepreneur. He is the founder of TEDxGlasgow and the co-founder of The Power of Youth, an organization that harnesses the global energy and capital of young entrepreneurs to inspire and finance socially responsible development and collaboration.

Rick Leach, PhD, Genomics Expert. Now with Complete Genomics, the first industrial-scale whole genome sequencing company, Dr. Leach is focused on bringing genome sequencing to clinical practice.

Dr. J.A. Mustapha, Go-Getter. An interventional cardiologist, he is also an associate professor, researcher, and innovator with special areas of interest that include peripheral vascular disease treatments and amputation prevention.

Tim Rowe, Community Builder. He is the founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center, which houses over 450 start-up companies and is perhaps the densest collection of startups anywhere in the world.

 Lori Schneider, Obstacle Remover. A teacher, mountain climber, and speaker, Schneider set out to become the first person with MS to climb the highest peak on each continent to prove her belief that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Gemini Da Poet and Lady Ace Boogie, Performers.


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