Livestream for Education

Livestream for Education is a specially focused livestream event that began in 2012 as a way to offer the goodness of TEDxGrandRapids to educators, students, coaches and those involved with education at an off-site location. It’s a chance for attendees to share ideas and inspiration as they watch a livestream of TEDxGrandRapids together and participate in focused break activities designed to bring new perspectives to the classroom, lunchroom, locker room, art and music studio and science lab.
The 2014 event was held at East Kentwood Peforming Arts Center on the East Kentwood High School campus. Information on the 2015 event will be shared, following the February 5th launch party.

Are you an educator who believes in the power of ideas to ignite young minds, shape the world and create new and better ways of being? Do you believe that great ideas have a place in the classroom, lunchroom, locker room, art and music studio, science lab and everywhere education happens? Are you looking for inspiration to re-ignite your own perspective on all that the world has to offer?

If so, this is your chance to meet like-minded West Michigan educators as they come together to share ideas and inspiration while watching a livestream of TEDxGrandRapids speakers. The 2014 Livestream for Education has grown and will be held in multiple locations statewide. This day-long event will combine the insights of TEDx with the experience and perspective of area educators and students. Plan to make new connections, participate in dynamic breakout activities between talks, and come away with a bunch of new ideas worth sharing with colleagues and students alike.

Important details
  • Location: East Kentwood Peforming Arts Center, East Kentwood High School
  • New for 2014: If you would like to bring more than 10 students, please include another adult chaperone. Our goal is to maintain a 1:10 ratio of adults: students. The chaperone can be another educator, an aide or a parent.
  • Educators may apply to come alone or to bring up to 10 students in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Be sure to keep track of the names of your nominated students.
  • TEDxGrandRapids keeps applications confidential. We do not share your application information externally.
  • You must arrange your own transportation. Carpooling is encouraged. Parking will be provided.
  • Normal school rules apply as specified by individual districts.
  • Photographs may be taken throughout the day and used for TEDxGrandRapids purposes.
  • Livestream for Education hosting locations are part of an alcohol-free and smoke-free campus.
  • Lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day.
Livestream FAQs

TEDxGrandRapids supports and believes in Livestream for Education because it encourages new ways of teaching and learning in our schools, allows for inter-disciplinary connections to be made and helps to motivate and inspire leaders in the classroom. Teachers who have attended in the past have changed teaching methods, instituted recycling initiatives, collaborated on new curriculum and incorporated TED and TEDx talks into their instruction – all outcomes that positively affect students in districts across our city and state.

The Livestream for Education, like the TEDxGrandRapids event, is annually organized and produced by a volunteer team. For more information about volunteering for the Livestream for Education, email